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At Florey our high quality marquees provide the perfect setting for your event. Our bespoke marquees are ideal for elegant weddings, chic parties, corporate functions and all types of special occasions. Florey’s reputation for excellence in marquee hire is well known in Oxfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Berkshire, Wiltshire, Gloucestershire and London. Elegant Wedding Marquees for hire near Oxford, Oxfordshire, beautiful wedding Marquees for hire near Swindon, Wiltshire, contemporary Marquees for Hire in London, tradtional canvas Marquees for hire in Buckinghamshire, alternative Marquees for hire in Surrey, bespoke Marquees for hire in Berkshire, weddings, parties, birthdays, Christmas events, corporate events Christmas parties​.

Furniture - Bars - Staging - Dance floors - Lighting - Generators - Luxury toilets - Portable road trackway - Fencing 

event equipment hire

At Florey's we hold in stock a range of associated event equipment available for hire that can be used to complement any one of our marquees. We understand that many of our clients want to use one point of contact to arrange the associated equipment they would require for their function. We have invested in a fantastic range of high quality event equipment that is available with or without the use of our marquees.


Our furniture comes in a range of styles, shapes and uses. We have furniture ideall for corporate events, rustic weddings, contemporary chic weddings and parties. Our event equipment offers various solutions to your next events needs.

We hold in stock over 3000 chairs, available in a huge range of styles covering classic, contemporary, modern, and chic, available in different colours and a choice of price brackets. We also hold in stock around 900 tables consisting of different sized round tables, square tables, oval tables, long tables, trestle tables, poseur tables, coffee tables - in fact just about any shape and size you could need!

We also have chill out furniture for both indoor and outside use consisting of sofas, modular furniture, chesterfields, rattan finish items, as well as a choice of bars, available as straight, oval, round or square. We also hold in stock bar furniture such as bar stools and rectangular high bar tables. 


We have 20 KVA, 40 KVA, 60 KVA, 110 KVA and 200 KVA three phase Generators in stock, mounted on trailers that can be towed into areas that may be difficult to access with crane loaded generator sets. Generators will run for 48 hours on a single tank of fuel - we can also supply bunded fuel bowsers, linked to our generator sets so they can run for much longer if required. They are constructed with acoustic canopy surrounds, making them much quieter than standard generators.

We also supply all power leads, cables and adaptors which are usually required for catering power, bands, discos and mobile toilet units. We design a power distribution plan for your event making sure the correct level of supply goes to each installation. A full power inspection test is carried out before any event to make sure the electrical installation can run smoothly. Whilst we have our generators regularly serviced and maintained, we strongly recommend the use of a back up generator on site. All mechanical equipment can be subject to breakdown or loss of power, so in the rare event of this occurring a back up is immediately available.

All electrical equipment is PAT tested, in house, by the designated trained and certified member of staff.


Even in the middle of summer we would recommend having a heater in a marquee, and insist on them from September - May. We prefer to put in more heating than is required to ensure everyone is comfortable. Heaters sit outside the marquee and run on either gas or kerosene (in-direct heaters). The warm air is blown into the structure via flexible ducts, and diffusers, which are positioned on the floor or discreetly on an elevated platform, are contolled by a thermostat that is located inside the marquee. Thus they can operate in a similar fashion to a central heating system, switching on and off as set.


This system simply moves the air inside a marquee - it is not air conditioning (see below). It works by placing large fans inside the structure, or by using external heaters just to blow - rather than heat - the air.. It is a very cost effective method of cooling a marquee on a warm summer day.

Air Conditioning HIRE 

Air conditioning is available for installation inside a marquee and will effectively lower the temperature on a hot summer's day.  It requires a detailed infrastructure in order to work efficiently and is therefore more expensive than air circulation. In addition, a marquee is not a sealed structure and this can also affect its efficiency.

Portable Roadways and trackway 

We stock mats which can be laid onto the ground to protect the surface. They are often useful for vehicle access into fields as a  temporary roadway for suppliers. These are also very effective in protecting access to the marquee across a nicely laid lawn. These are laid by hand and can also be used to create car park areas. 


We hold in stock around 300 sq.m. of polished oak parquet flooring. We can also supply the popular black and white chequered floor, all white dance floor, all black dance floor, starlit dance floor, illuminated colour changing dance floor, mirror finish and chromed gold, blue or red floor. We can also manufacture specialist themed dance floors - for example, a painted Italian stone floor for a romantic garden setting - as a one off bespoke order.

We also supply variety of different sized stages. Stages are generally finished with charcoal carpet but can be any colour you require. Stages higher than 45cm can be fitted with hand rails and steps. The highest stage we can supply from stock is 1.5m. Standard stage height for parties and events is between 30cm and 60cm high.


We have a huge selection of lights to complement the marquee. Chandeliers come in sizes ranging from a small 30cm tall brass chandelier with six arms, right through to our stunning 2m crystal chandeliers. We also supply up-lights in LED or colour filtered form, gobo lights which can be used to project onto the linings, profile lights, colour wash lights, lighting towers, pea lights, festoon lights, and a range of disco lights that can be programmed to give your dance floor a night club feel. 

​Outside lighting comes in the form of spotlights which can be used to highlight a special feature, or provide safe access to car parking, and we can also supply bamboo flares.

Interior lights can be hung on clamps from the ceiling structure, or we can "fly" them on our truss systems which can be straight, curved or fully circular, and boxed in to hide the cables and aluminium if required.


PA systems for speeches, auctions and background music can be easily installed. Hidden speakers can sit behind the linings for a clean 'no cable' look, or they can be on display and placed around the edges of a marquee or suspended from the roof.

We work closely with our own recommended AV suppliers, and can install live audio and visual feed for events where this is required. We are also happy to work with your chosen supplier if that is your preference and can advise on loading bearing for large equipment such as screens and projectors. 


We can supply luxury toilets units which sit on towable trailers or can be installed inside the marquee structure. The level of 'luxury' is the client's choice, and as standard these units are attractive and well-presented, fully supplied with all necessary items, and odour-free. The two main systems are "re-circulation" (blue chemical inside the bowl) or "vacuum flush" which work in a similar way yo an aircraft toilet. The latter is usually more expensive to operate, and, therefore, to hire. 

Trailer units can be located inside a marquee - a very popular option for the winter months so guests do not have to brave the elements. Usually steps will lead up into a unit or the marquee flooring can be raised to meet the level of the unit. Units can vary in the combination of ladies and gents - which can include urinals - and we would advise on this based on the number of guests.,

The top option for toilet hire is a purpose built unit, inside a marquee, and using units to the clients choice from the modules available.  Vanity units, mirrors and basins, cubicles and urinals are all available. The advantage of this system is that if a trailer cannot be located near a marquee structure due to difficult access, these units can be carried in small sections and put together inside the marquee. These are approximately four - five times more expensive to install than a trailer unit.