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At Florey's we have literally hundreds of styles, sizes and finishes for you to choose from. We like to come and meet you on the site you require your event to take place so we can both get onto the same page on what kind of look and finish you are after. Do you want the marquee feel and look to be classic, traditional, chic and contemporary, clean and simple, warm with rich colours, or do you want advice on all the looks to create your own personal look and feel which you feel comfortable in? 

When we conduct a site visit we explain every little detail to you in a very understandable way. Our pricing structure is very straight forward, but it is you the customer who needs to lead the way by telling us your thoughts and budget you want to work to.

Below are a few examples of prices for marquees but here are just a few of the reasons we can not give you an exact quote straight away and need to understand these points before we get you your own quote prepared for you, your choices and the site the marquees are situated:

  • What kind of "look" do you want to create? We understand that some private clients just want a basic clean and tidy marquee delivered on time without any fuss, where other private customers want us to build incredible temporary spaces with new revolutionary looks, like re creating their favourite  nightclub in their grounds or incorporating features on the site such as trees, swimming pools, hedges or gardens. Our corporate customers might want a one off structures made just for their brand and made in their own colours. All these types of scenarios cost more than a standard structure.
  • Individual hire items vary, excluding the basic cost of the marquee. For example: do you want to hire a basic chair for £1.50 or do you want to choose one of our exclusive chairs with purpose made seat cushions matching your theming which cost £25 each? For an event which requires 200 chairs these choices on the chairs alone can vary by +/-£4,700 - and this is only chairs.
  • Do you want Glass walls or the much cheaper PVC walls. Clear roofs or opaque roofs?
  • Are you after a marquee on the standard 2.3m eave height (the lowest point on the sides of the marquee) or are you after a more airy feel by opting for a 3m leg height or even a 4m leg height.
  • The area in which you want our marquees to be set up, delivery costs by our own trucks can run into the thousands when we are asked to travel further a field from our warehouse in Oxfordshire. 
  • Overnight accomadation, if we are requested to build structures more than three hours drive from our warehouse we will require accomadation for our staff closer to the site which gets passed onto the client. If it is a very large build project we can be away for several weeks for the install and dismantleing times needed.
  • Distance from marquee set up to un-loading area. If we can not get close to the site we require more staff to carry all the items to the site where the marquee is going to get set up. In some instances we are hand carrying tens of tonnes of equipment which takes more man days than your average site. If we are carrying the marquees through buildings, over walls or un-loading on restricted parking areas in central London there is a much higher charge.
  • The time of year you want a marquee for. In the depths of winter you will need to allow a higher budget price for things that often get forgotten. Extra heating for the marquees, track way for access and car parks, more outside lighting, temporary roadways for catering and service access.

We hope these guides to marquee hire prices will help you get a feel for what we can offer based upon previous contacts in the form of case studies.

Wedding Marquee hire prices with can studies: 

Marquee for a wedding for 120 guests seated with a further 30 guests in the evening:

Bespoke Marquee from £10,000 incl VAT

High End one-off bespoke build and finish from £30,000 incl VAT

Marquee hire prices for a wedding for 200 - 250 guests seated with a further 50 guests in the evening:                      Classic Marquee from £10,000 incl VAT

Party marquee hire prices for 80 guests case study:

​Marquee and decor for a party for 80 Guests from £3,800 incl VAT

Higher specification Marquee and decor for a party for 80 Guests from £13,600 incl VAT

High End one-off design build and bespoke finish for a party with 80 guests from £26,600 incl VAT

Party Marquee hire prices for 250 guests case study:

Private event Marquee for a party for 250 guests £10,000 incl VAT

High End one-off design, build and finish for 250 guests from £47,000 incl VAT

Corporate Marquees prices case studies:

An official opening ceremony for 80 VIP guests. Prices from £15,000 incl VAT

A high specification marquee for a Christmas party for 1000 staff, prices from £70,000 incl VAT

To arrange a site visit and receive your itemised quote, please do get in contact with us to see where we can help you.  

marquee hire prices

wedding marquee hire prices 

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